CGG Geocluster Software on 32 & 64-bit Cluster Platforms

Compagnie Generale de Geophysique officially announced its leading-edge Geocluster seismic processing software suite is available on both 32-bit and 64-bit cluster platforms.

Guillaume Cambois, CGG's Executive Vice President for Data Processing & Reservoir Services, explains: "As the IT industry pursues its rapid technology evolution CGG is able to offer ever greater computational performance on an ever more affordable basis. In supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit solutions CGG raises the standard in delivering the most cost-effective high-performance processing services and solutions available today. This is emphasised with CGG's strategy to offer its WaveVista Advanced Wave Equation Migration for the same economic conditions and turnaround as the Kirchhoff method."

Over the last five years CGG has pioneered the deployment of industrial-scale high-performance computing on Linux-based clusters. Working in partnership with the key processor manufacturers, Intel, AMD and IBM, and the major PC cluster manufacturers, CGG has been able to optimize the price/performance of its processing services and external software and IT solutions.

CGG continues to set the pace in the deployment of high-performance compute infrastructures with over 45Tflops recently deployed for both internal use and within client sites.

Pascal Rosset, CGG's Vice President of Research, Development & Industrialization for Data Processing & Reservoir Services further comments: "In drawing on many years' experience in 64-bit processing CGG has unrivalled capability in optimizing its software code for maximum efficiency. This 64-bit expertise combined with CGG's industry-leading industrialization of 32-bit technology ensures CGG is perfectly positioned to offer solutions truly engineered for all key compute platforms."