BP Awards Service Contract to Intertek Caleb Brett

BP has awarded a consolidated contract to Intertek Caleb Brett for the provision of laboratory and analytical services to all of BP North Sea and Norwegian on & offshore assets. These services had been provided by a number of service companies in the past. Under the new contract Intertek Caleb Brett will be the sole provider of these services.

The service agreement is worth around 1.5 million pounds Sterling per year for three years, renewable thereafter for three periods of two years.

Use of a single partner to provide offshore analytical services will bring significant benefits to BP through integration of the on-shore and off-shore production chemistry services, direct collaboration with providers of production chemicals and single point accountability through one Intertek project manager.

Coordinated management of these services is expected to yield benefits in a number of different ways, including continuity of service, through the transfer of best practice between different operations and improved knowledge transfer between BP assets.

Intertek onshore laboratory services and offshore laboratory staff will be provided from Aberdeen, Scotland and Stavanger, Norway. The North Sea petroleum laboratories are supported by Intertek petroleum technology centre laboratories and regional laboratories close to BP North Sea assets. Intertek will also take responsibility for the production chemistry laboratory at BP's Wytch Farm in Dorset, England.

The BP agreement with Intertek Caleb Brett North Sea for services became effective on November 1, 2004.

Intertek Caleb Brett is the world's leading testing and inspection services provider to the global petroleum, refining and petrochemical industries. An international network of 200 laboratories serves clients located in over 118 nations. Services include laboratory analysis, cargo inspection, allocation certification, process and catalysis testing, certification, calibration and related activities supporting the global petroleum industry.