Mustang Successfully Demonstrates LNG Smart Vaporization

Mustang Engineering's Midstream Group announces that it has successfully operated a demonstration unit of the key proprietary air-exchange vaporizer for the LNG Smart Vaporization process. The air exchanger in the demonstration unit uses an intermediate, heat-exchange fluid with the same full length and diameter tubes that will be used in commercial units. Only standard manufactured components and proven processes have been used. This patent-pending process can reduce fuel gas consumption and NOx and CO2 air emissions by as much as 90%, compared to conventional combustion vaporization. The process can be used in lieu of sea water vaporization technology, thus reducing potential harmful effects on marine life. It also can be used on new and pre-existing facilities, either onshore or offshore.

The LNG Smart Vaporization process is one of Mustang's LNG Smart technologies, composed of products and services developed by a Mustang team of industry-recognized and respected LNG professionals. Midstream Sector Manager Scott Worthington said: "Regardless of location, we believe the LNG Smart Vaporization Process will greatly increase owner margins over fired systems. The LNG Smart technologies provide unique solutions for improving the commercial viability of LNG receiving terminals and liquefaction plants, to help satisfy the global demand for clean natural gas."