Halliburton Forms Alliance to Provide Flow Assurance

Halliburton, Pipeline Engineering, Westport Technology, Subsea 7, Granherne, and KBR have joined forces in an integrated service alliance - SureStream Flow Assurance Service- to resolve some of the most challenging problems in the industry. Surestream Flow Assurance Service provides integrated support and services throughout all stages of a project, from inception, feasibility, front-end engineering design (FEED) and engineering through to remediation, intervention and operational support. For the first time, operators can benefit from having one source that provides the necessary capabilities and experience to address virtually any flow assurance issue.

"Our customers are finding that flow assurance is critical as more multiphase hydrocarbons are produced from deepwater fields and transported through lengthened delivery systems," said Jim Renfroe, senior vice president, Production Optimization Division, Halliburton's Energy Services Group. "With the practical experience and combined knowledge of these companies, we can deploy specialists to provide solutions to an extensive range of parameters affecting both flow assurance problems and system upsets."

Surestream Flow Assurance Service combines practical experience and extensive knowledge to offer a comprehensive service, which includes analytical service, engineering assessment, remediation, chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning, thermal cleaning, and intrusive intervention.

Drawing on experience and support from Halliburton companies KBR and Granherne, the service capabilities extend from design assistance for developments, troubleshooting, economic and serviceable life evaluation of pipelines and integrity assessment through to operational advice and support. With this expertise, the service evaluates options for production optimization, identifies possible remedial actions, and provides guidance on safe, operational procedures.

In addition, a suite of programs and software from Subsea 7 and Granherne enhance the understanding of pipeline thermal and hydraulic performance. Experience and knowledge from this area helps determine the nature, extent and location of pipeline flow challenges and provides guidance regarding appropriate management techniques.

Pipeline Engineering is noted for its use of specialized pigs to examine and clean pipeline systems.

GoFlo™ technology, developed jointly by Subsea 7 and Halliburton, is another offering unique to the service. The technology uses combinations of remote intervention with deployment from platforms and/or ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), making it possible to provide an effective alternative solution for those subsea pipelines and flow lines that become blocked with wax, scale or debris. Smart composite coiled tubing can be deployed into flowlines, for example, where a combination of mechanical, chemical, and thermal processes can then be applied to clear blockages and restrictions.

"We are all committed to continuous research and development to improve this offering and provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date technology and service to our customers," said Allan Browne, Halliburton commercialization manager for SureStream services.