Total Makes Discovery on Timimoun Permit in Algeria

Total has made a natural gas discovery on the Timimoun permit, held by the Group since January 2003 and located in Algeria 500 kilometers south of Hassi R'Mel.

Drilled to a depth of 2,067 meters, the Iraharen 5 well was tested at a rate of 17.5 million of cubic feet of gas per day. The potential of this well and the accumulation of Iraharen are presently being appreciated.

Total operates the Timimoun permit with a 63.75% stake in association with Sonatrach (25%) and Cepsa (11.25%).

Also, Total, in partnership with Cepsa, has been awarded an 80% stake in the Bechar exploration permit, Northwest of Timimoun.

Present in Algeria since 1946, Total’s equity production was 115,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in 2003 from the Hamra and Tin Fouyé Tabenkort fields as well as from the Groups participation in Cepsa on the RKF and Ourhoud fields.