Maritime Pusnes to Deliver Mooring Systems for 2 Platforms

Maritime Pusnes, part of the Aker Kvaerner group, continues its success in the US market and has signed two new contracts for delivery of mooring equipment. One of the deliveries is to the Atwater Valley deepwater platform, the other for a new radar platform. The total value of the two contracts is approximately NOK 55 million, and was booked as order intake in third quarter 2004.

"The award of these contracts has proven Maritime Pusnes' competitiveness within deliveries for new offshore vessel concepts. Our reputation as a dependable and experienced supplier of offshore mooring systems was one of the key factors for being chosen for these new semi concepts", says President of Maritime Pusnes, Leif Haukom.

The contract signed with Atlantia Offshore Limited, Texas involves supply of a 12-point mooring system for a new-build deep draft semi-submersible for production at the Atwater Valley Producers field in the Gulf of Mexico. The contract also includes various ancillary equipment such as control system and two hydraulic power units. Atlantia's semi-submersible is a new semi concept developed for the deepwater production market. It is a wet-tree semi with deep draft hull and four rounded edge columns set on a ring pontoon capable of operating in water depths between 1800-and 3000 meters. The deeper draft reduces vertical motion and bending stresses.

The second contract has been awarded by Amfels Shipyard, Texas and cover supply of eight fairlead chain stoppers (FCS) for a radar platform dubbed SBX, Sea-Based X-Band Radar. Based on a fifth generation oil drilling platform, the SBX is a large twin hulled, self-propelled vessel designed for exceptional stability in high winds and sea states. The structure is 240 feet wide, 390 feet long and 134 feet high. The FCS has been designed to hold the full breaking load of a mooring line and guide the forces directly into the lower part of the hull. Simultaneously, these stoppers align themselves in the direction of the mooring line thereby creating a configuration with minimal chain wear. This is Maritime Pusnes' fourth order for FCSs. The concept was originally developed in 2000 for the Barracuda and Caratinga oil production platforms offshore Brazil.

Most of the equipment will be manufactured in Poland and Asia, where Aker Kvaerner has established global sourcing and manufacturing hubs.