Norway's PSA Gives OK for Asgard Q Subsea Installation

Statoil has been given consent for use of the subsea installation Asgard Q. The wellstream from the installation will be transported via pipelines to Asgard A.

The Asgard field is located in the Norwegian Sea about 260 kilometers west of Bronnoysund. The field has been developed with the Asgard A installation (production ship) for production of oil and condensate. The gas is produced from a floating installation (Asgard B), while the condensate is stored on the Asgard C (storage ship).

The illustration shows the Asgard A installation, the subsea installation Asgard Q and other subsea installations that are not covered by this consent.

The Asgard Q development includes installation of a well template (the Q template) with five well slots. Two 13-kilometer pipelines from the Q template will be connected to the risers on Asgard A.

The Asgard A installation is designed to process the wellstream from Asgard Q, therefore modifications of the process facility on Asgard A are not necessary.