NAM Says Parliament Approves Gas Production in Wadden Sea

NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij) is delighted with the decision by the Dutch Parliament to support the Cabinet allowing gas production in the Wadden Sea under strict conditions as well as further exploration activities.

Responding to the decision NAM Director, Roelof Platenkamp, said he understands the emotions that dominated the recent discussion about gas production under the Wadden Sea. "But we are happy that an important step forward has been made, based on facts and scientific evidence. This is important for the security of energy supply, as gas from the Wadden Sea is crucial to sustain the robust Dutch gas production system. It is also important for the North of the Netherlands, because it means an economic impulse for the area. An finally important for the Wadden Sea itself, since the Cabinet intends to invest in the nature of this unique tidal area."

Platenkamp added: "We want to look forward. We can focus now on permit applications and the production of an environmental impact assessment that we need for these applications. We look forward to a constructive co-operation with the relevant governmental bodies.

NAM expressed its wish that the cabinet will realize its intention to come to the so-called State Projects Procedure for the permitting. In that case NAM will only have to deal with one office for permits from state, provinces and municipalities. Platenkamp: "This way procedures are not only quicker, but also more transparent."

NAM's director expects that permitting and technical adjustments of facilities will take some three years in total. "We could have first gas in the course of 2007."

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