BG Wins Energy Institute's Safety Award for Second Year

BG Group's Indian subsidiary, BG Exploration and Production India Limited, last night won the Energy Institute's prestigious 'Best Example of Safety Practice' award for its Zero Lost Time Injury Frequency project on the Panna-Mukta and Tapti platforms. This was launched in 2003 to reduce the hours lost through workplace injuries. In the last 2.8 million hours worked, the business has not lost one hour through injury.

BG Exploration and Production India employs 500 employees in two offshore installations off the coast of India, Panna-Mukta and Tapti, and on a shore base at Bhavnagar and a warehouse and office in Mumbai. The company produces 300 million cubic feet of natural gas and 30,000 barrels of oil, per day.

It is now 730 days since the last lost time injury in the company. Key to this has been the greater responsibility given to staff in the day-to-day running of safety practices, which has increased empowerment, management and staff communication, and instilled a greater sense of safety ownership among the workers.

In awarding BG this safety award, the Energy Institute (formerly Institute of Petroleum) was looking for a project that showed 'management commitment, effective communications, good prospects for wider application, and sustainable benefit.' This is the second successive year that BG has won this award at the annual ceremony held at the Savoy Hotel.

Receiving the award, Nicole McMahon, Policy and Corporate Affairs Director, BG India said: "Safety is vital to the smooth running of our business and so we spend a lot of time considering and developing new methods and approaches. By giving our people more say in site safety we have achieved a very positive benefit to our business. This is reflected in the 2003 safety figures. We are now looking at ways of expanding this scheme across the Group."

In 2003, BG Group's Brazilian Gas distribution company Comgas won the award.

BG Exploration and Production India Limited has implemented the following measures as part of the Zero Lost Time Injury Frequency project:

  • Behavior based safety: Site safety has become an employee responsibility, with dedicated safety teams selected from the Panna and Tapti production platforms. This has encouraged a closer interest in site safety by employees; additional on-site training has also been organized by external organizations, such as Ryder Marsh UK, the behavioral safety consultants.
  • Visible leadership: Management are today more visible to the workforce, especially on safety issues; every near miss, or incident, is reported and investigated, resulting in a more developed attitude to safety. There are also additional safety briefings.
  • Asset integrity: All potential hazards have been identified, with effective control measures implemented to ensure minimal risk. This includes regular structural integrity checks, pipeline corrosion monitoring and computer-based preventative maintenance plans.
  • Incident management: BG Exploration and Production India is increasingly prepared for incidents through higher degree of training and drills. Performance is analyzed and lessons disseminated across the organization.
  • Contractor management: Contractors are reviewed quarterly, with emphasis on continued improvement, and are rewarded annually through 'Contractor Safety Performance' awards.