Tidelands Secures $5 Million Financing

Tidelands Oil & Gas has secured financing from Mercator Advisory Group, LLC, through its designated funds, Mercator Momentum Fund, LP, Mercator Momentum Fund III, LP, and Monarch Pointe Fund, Ltd. To date, Tidelands has received the first tranche for $3.25 million of the total financing agreement. The agreement calls for an additional $1.75 million to be disbursed to Tidelands at a later date. The transaction provides Tidelands with the financial flexibility to expand and develop its ongoing projects. One such project is the recently announced proposed HiLoad LNG Regasification Terminal to be designed and built by Remora Technology and Tidelands in Mexico's Gulf waters.

President and CEO of Tidelands Oil & Gas Corporation, Michael Ward stated, "Tidelands has some large projects on the horizon that will require funding and financial assistance from outside firms. We have been diligently pursuing avenues from which to receive the necessary financing from credible firms with the vision and expertise to aid us in our efforts to bring these projects to fruition. With the help of KMR Capital, LLC, we were able to connect with Mercator and construct this financial arrangement. Mercator adheres to strict guidelines when selecting a company for financing and I believe this transaction is a testament to the auspicious prospects for Tidelands as we continue to advance our business plan and build shareholder value. We are appreciative of the confidence Mercator has placed in our efforts to expand and enhance our Company's fundamentals."

Harry Aharonian, Portfolio Manager of the Mercator Advisory Group, stated, "Tidelands Oil & Gas Corporation is in a promising position for growth and expansion. Their management team is committed to completing several projects and they continue to focus on exploring new opportunities that complement their business strategies. We are excited about the opportunity to help fund the Company as they develop their business plan and increase the Company's value in the marketplace. We welcome the investment into our portfolio."