FX Energy's Polish Drilling Program on Schedule

FX Energy reports that the Sroda-4 well in western Poland has reached the base of the Zechstein formation at a depth of 3,550 meters where the well will be logged and cased prior to continuing drilling operations. The Rotliegendes sandstone, the Sroda-4 well's primary objective, is expected to be encountered within several meters of the current depth once drilling resumes in approximately ten days.

The Rusocin-1 well is drilling at a depth of 1,416 meters. Drilling plans call for the well to be logged and 9 inch casing to be set when the well reaches a depth of approximately 2,260 meters, the projected depth of the top of the Zechstein formation. The Rusocin-1 well location is approximately 7 kilometers south of the Zaniemysl-3 discovery well announced by FX Energy earlier this year. The Polish Oil and Gas Company ("POGC") owns a 51% interest and operates both the Sroda-4 and Rusocin-1 wells and FX Energy owns 49%.