Ivensys Awarded Contract by PEMEX

Invensys Process Systems has been awarded a major, US$31 million, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) project by PEMEX. Under this contract, Invensys will be the SCADA system provider for PEMEX Production and Exploration's important Burgos gas project. "The Burgos project is intended to help Mexico meet the nation's rapidly expanding power generation requirements," said Leo Quinn, newly appointed chief executive of Invensys' Software Systems division. "Invensys is proud to have been selected by PEMEX to participate as the SCADA system supplier."

Invensys will provide, install, and implement advanced Foxboro I/A Series SCADA hardware and software technology and Foxboro field instrumentation, plus a variety of telecommunications technologies, including microwave, UHF, and spread spectrum. The system will help to optimize operations and enhance safety at strategic points over the large Burgos gas production field and associated pipeline network. This encompasses 100 extraction wells, 63 ducts, 19 compression stations, 49 gas recollection stations, 10 storage centers, 12 selling points, 1 separation station, and 14 section valves.

Invensys Mexico is assuming overall project management responsibilities for the SCADA system implementation, with additional technical and application assistance provided from Invensys' SCADA centers-of-excellence in Rome, Italy and Houston, Texas.

Elsewhere in Latin America, Invensys has successfully completed major SCADA system projects for the 3,150 Km Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline and an important electrical distribution system in northern Chile.