J Ray McDermott Completes Fabrication Work For Saudi Aramco

J. Ray McDermott's Middle East operations recently completed the fabrication and installation of additional platforms, production decks and pipelines for Saudi Aramco's Safaniya and Zuluf fields. The fabrication contract was awarded to the company's Jebel Ali operations in August last year by Aramco Overseas Co. Work commenced the following month to produce four production decks, two steel jackets, spools, risers and shrouds for five subsea pipelines. Fabrication work was completed by July 2001, and the structures loaded out onto cargo barges and prepared for transportation to Saudi waters. The final weight was approximately 3,500 tons.

The company's Middle Eastern based combination derrick barge DB27 undertook the installation of both jackets and the pipelines in water depths ranging from 60-130 feet. The DB27 is equipped with pipelay and heavy lift capabilities and offers one of the largest crane capacities in the region at 2,400 tons. The final pipeline tie-ins were completed early this month.