Clough Wins $128m Contract at Panna and Mukta

Clough Projects International has won a $128m contract from the British Gas-led Panna, Mukta and Tapti consortium for the construction of three well platforms and pipelines.

On November 8th, the PMT operator board issued a letter of award to Clough representatives in Mumbai.

The platforms will be constructed under the PMT's "Expanded Plan of Development" project under which two new platforms (PH and PJ) will be constructed in the northwest and southwest of the Panna field along with pipelines while the third platform (STD) will be built in the South Tapti field to help maintain current levels of gas production at 7.2m cm/d till 2007.

"After the initial development of Panna, Mukta and Tapti this is the first major project undertaken by the operator board," an ONGC official tells PETROWATCH.

Clough has until mid 2006 to complete the job. "Post monsoon in 2006, production from Panna and Mukta will increase by 10,000 b/d and 0.5m cm/d of gas."

Separately, BG, ONGC and Reliance have commissioned a $15m compression project to increase gas production from Tapti.

On October 28th, the PMT consortium dispatched 7.08m cm/d of gas from Tapti against earlier production of 5.10m cm/d. "We carried out parallel exercises by installing compressors through a deck extension at Tapti Process Platform," an ONGC source tells PETROWATCH.

Tapti sales were stagnant as 'high sales and well head back pressures' were limiting gas delivery. "The facility was operating at a maximum allowable pressure of 1360-psi."

To resolve the problem it was decided to increase discharge pressures and reduce wellhead backpressures to improve delivery of gas from existing well stock.

Two compression trains have been installed, each with a capacity of 3.4m cm/d and pressure range of 1000-psi (suction) and 1650-psi (discharge). Separate internals have been replaced by high performance cyclone type internals and filter separator internals to increase the capacity to 7.08m cm/d of gas.

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