WesternGeco Wins World's Largest 4D Seismic Project

WesternGeco was selected by Petrobras to acquire and process Q-Marine(a) seismic data over the Marlim complex, offshore Brazil. The 1520-square-kilometer, five-month survey began in October.

The Marlim complex, comprising the Marlim, Marlim East and Marlim South fields, is the largest deepwater producer of oil and gas in the world.

"The survey of the Marlim complex will be the largest 4D acquisition and processing project undertaken in the petroleum industry," said Paulo Johann, coordinator of reservoir characterization technology, Petrobras. "Petrobras selected WesternGeco for its advanced single-sensor Q-Technology(a). It is the best technology for the biggest deepwater reservoir in the world.

"We hope that high-technology data acquisition and processing applied in the Marlim complex will take the initial steps to open a new phase of seismic acquisition and processing in Petrobras, which today operates more than 270 oil fields."

The Q-Technology vessel Western Pride will tow 10 x 6000-meter cables with 50-meter streamer separation, resulting in the same data density used by Petrobras in all of its current projects. The survey will comprise the baseline against which future surveys will be compared to monitor fluid movement for reservoir characterization and asset management.

"Only Q-Marine offers the required level of repeatability through high-fidelity calibrated source and single sensor acquisition, together with Q-Marine's active streamer steering. This is the ideal technology for this survey area, which is highly obstructed with a variety of production facilities including tankers, FPSOs, tension leg platforms and anchored semi-submersibles," said Marcus Ganz, manager, WesternGeco South America. "With Q-Marine active streamer steering, the streamers will safely pass much closer to the obstructions, minimizing the amount of undershoot required."