Local Community Opposes Crystal Energy LNG Facility

Malibu officials and community leaders have joined forces to oppose the development of the Crystal Energy's offshore LNG facility. Crystal's recent signing of a long-term lease for a local oil platform and the company's supposed multi-million dollar funding plan seem to indicate that this project is on a fast-track to approval.

In response, an adhoc coalition has been formed, Citizens Against Crystal Energy (CACE), to make the case against Crystal's plan to retrofit an aging oil platform into a LNG facility.

Anne Hoffman, President of SHORE (Save Home Owners), and a member of CACE, stated, "I understand we need to find a way to meet the growing need for energy in our country, but this proposal is just dead wrong. To dump an LNG facility on top of a rickety old oil rig is not the way to go," concluded Hoffman.

CACE also condemned the suggestion by Crystal Energy that the platform might also be used as a fish farm as a clear attempt to "buy off the environmental community."

Malibu Mayor Pro Tem Andy Stern, stated, "As a public official that cares deeply for our city, I felt it was very important that I express my concerns about this proposed Crystal Energy LNG terminal. With the company's recent announcement that it had secured a long-term lease for an old oil platform only a few miles off the coast of a favorite local eatery 'Neptune's Net' we have to do something to make sure this never happens," Stern said.

"Malibu is a national treasure, and the environment we live in is too important to be threatened by ill-conceived projects by unknown companies who are proposing a recipe for disaster. I think I speak for many residents in saying no to the Crystal Energy proposal."

CACE will begin their fight by educating local residents on the hazards of the proposed facility. CACE will further their battle through educational efforts; letter writing campaigns and meetings with community leaders.

CACE believes that platform Grace, the intended LNG receiving facility off the coast is very old, highly unstable and prone to possible terrorism. Activating this platform, may open the door for further oil exploration in the Carpenteria/Malibu basin.