Trefoil 1 Spuds in the Bass Basin Offshore Tasmania

Origin Energy Limited advises that drilling of the gas exploration well Trefoil 1 commenced late last month using the ENSCO 102 Jack-up. The well is located in the Tasmanian off-shore exploration permit T/18P within Bass Strait, approximately 37 km west of Yolla Production Platform, 114 km southwest of Wilson’s Promontory, and 59 km north-northeast of Three Hummock Island.

Planned total depth of the well is 3114 mSS (meters subsea). The objective reservoirs are sandstones within the Eastern View Coal Measures which are the same age as the main Yolla Field gas reservoirs. The well is expected to take approximately 30 days to drill.

Participants in PEP T/18 P are Origin Energy as operator with 22.6%; CalEnergy Gas with 213.5%; and Wandoo Petroleum with 12.5%.