EPL Announces Changes in Exploration Management

Energy Partners, Ltd. reports that, effective November 1, 2004, Bruce R. Sidner, Executive Vice President of Exploration, will begin serving EPL as an exploration consultant and will no longer have an executive management role in or be employed by the Company. EPL will continue to have access to his exploratory expertise through this consulting relationship. During this transition period, Mr. Sidner intends to establish a prospect generation venture focusing on opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast regions.

The Company also said that it has recently named Thomas D. DeBrock and Jay A. Lehman as the Company's Exploration Managers in New Orleans and Houston, respectively. Mr. DeBrock has 20 years experience as a petroleum geologist and joined the Company at its inception. Mr. Lehman is a petroleum geophysicist with nearly 25 years experience; he joined the Company as a part of its acquisition of Hall-Houston Oil Company in January 2002. Mr. Sidner also joined EPL in connection with the Hall-Houston acquisition and has served as the Company's Executive Vice President of Exploration since that time. His primary responsibilities have been overseeing the screening and selection of exploratory drilling projects for inclusion in EPL's drilling program.

Richard A. Bachmann, EPL's Chairman, President and CEO, stated, "Bruce has been a valued member of the EPL management team since he joined us in early 2002. His day-to-day management presence will be missed, but we believe we will continue to have a productive relationship going forward as Bruce returns to what he did for many years before joining EPL: sourcing and maturing exciting exploratory prospects. We expect to participate in a number of future projects with Bruce, while at the same time continuing to generate prospects internally with our experienced exploration staff."

Bruce R. Sidner added, "My years at EPL have been rewarding, especially as the Company has grown to be one of the most active explorers on the Shelf. As the administrative demands of my position expanded with EPL's growth as a public company, it has become apparent that I can be more productive in my prospect generating capabilities outside of a public company environment. EPL has done an excellent job of fostering the development of internal talent, and I believe we have put a strong team in place that is capable of continuing the success we have had since I joined EPL. I also believe that our ongoing relationship will prove rewarding to both parties as EPL continues to build upon its track record of growth."