J. Ray McDermott Wins More Work on RasGas Project in Qatar

J. Ray McDermott Eastern Hemisphere Ltd. (JRMEH) has recently been awarded further work offshore Qatar by Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Company Limited (II) for an additional well head platform jacket, WH8, for the RasGas Expansion field development.

Under the WH8 jacket award, JRMEH will handle full engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of a 12-slot jacket and associated piles, two boat-landings and temporary work deck, involving a total steel tonnage of approximately 2,600MT.

"I am very pleased with the continued confidence RasGas has shown in us, which I believe is a key contributing factor leading to the award of the WH8 jacket, in addition to the WH6 jacket and the ongoing RasGas Expansion Project for the WH7, WH5, WH4 and WH9 facilities," said Stewart Mitchell, JRMEH Project Manager for RasGas projects.

Engineering and procurement has already started and the company's Jebel Ali yard in Dubai will fabricate the jacket, which is scheduled for installation in the third quarter of 2005, using one of the company's installation vessels.

"This is the sixth wellhead jacket awarded to McDermott under the RasGas Expansion project," said Mitchell.

Two other platforms, WH4 and WH5, are currently being fabricated at Jebel Ali yard, and the installation and hook up on both these is scheduled to be completed by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2005. In addition, engineering and procurement activities are in progress for the WH9 deck.

"We expect to install WH9 jacket later this year;" explained Mitchell. "Earlier in September, we successfully and safely installed over 105km of 38" pipeline from WH4 to shore , nine months ahead of schedule."

JRMEH has completed over three and a half years of work without a safety related incident resulting in time away from work (no Lost Time Incidents) on the RasGas Offshore Expansion Projects. The goal of zero LTIs and zero personal injuries is one of the key criteria of the project.

"We are very proud of the safety achievements on this project, our subcontractors and craftsmen and crew, onshore and offshore, have worked to an effective health, safety and environmental program under aggressive conditions, and the statistics definitely reflect this excellent performance," said Mitchell.