Energas has Drilled 17 Wells in its Bluegrass Program

Kentucky: Energas has now drilled 17 wells in the Bluegrass drilling program and the 18th well is expected to be finished shortly. The field superintendent reports that initial flows and pressures have been consistent with the previously drilled wells in the field. Individual well results have been delayed due to insufficiencies in the gathering system pipeline. Four different sections of pipeline have caused bottlenecks in the gathering system and are being replaced with larger pipe to increase gas flow to the sales line. This rework of the gathering system has been ongoing for several weeks and is expected to be completed by the end of next week. As well, Energas plans to add a booster compressor station to the center of the field next week to boost the flow of gas from the field to the main compressor station at the sales line.

Kansas: The operator has informed Energas that the second Carothers well is scheduled to be completed and tested tomorrow, October 27, weather permitting.

Wyoming: Energas is beginning well site construction tomorrow on the Eagle Ridge Prospect, Fremont County, Wyoming for a 7,500' well to test the Tensleep formation along with 16 other zones that are potentially commercial in this area. The Tensleep formation has been a good producing zone in this area of Wyoming with several wells having initial production rates up to 1,000 barrels of oil per day.