Aker Kvaerner to Remove Platforms on the Frigg Field

Aker Kvaerner Offshore Partner AS has been awarded the contract for engineering, preparation, removal and disposal of the Frigg Field installations by the oil company Total E&P Norge AS. The contract has a value of NOK 3 billion.

Aker Kvaerner has over several years developed both competence and facilities to take on projects for decommissioning and removal of offshore platforms.

Aker Kvaerner Offshore Partner AS, Stavanger will be the contract partner in a consortium of both Norwegian and UK companies, including Saipem UK, Shetland Decommissioning Company Ltd., Aker Kvaerner Offshore Partner Ltd., Aberdeen, Aker Stord and Aker Marine Contracting.

"The new contract proves that we are recognized for the efforts we have made to develop the competence of our employees and also for developing both technology and facilities for decommissioning projects. With operations both in UK and Norway, Aker Kvaerner is well positioned to come up with a good cross border solution for Frigg. We manage the North Sea as one region," says Mr. Tore Sjursen, President of Aker Kvaerner Offshore Partner AS.

"The contract for removing the installations on the Frigg Field is well aligned with our operations. As the field is partly located on the Norwegian continental shelf and partly on the UK continental shelf, we have planned to carry out the onshore dismantling activities both on the GreenHhead Base at Shetland, and at Eld√łyane on Stord, Norway.

Our priority will be to ensure that the work is carried out to the highest safety and environmental standards" says Mr. Sjursen.

All topsides and steel jackets are to be removed. The detail planning of the removal operations on Frigg starts immediately. Next summer 13,000-14,000 tonnes of steel from the gas handling and compressor platform TCP2 in the Norwegian sector - and some smaller units from the Living Quarter, QP, in the UK sector, will be taken onshore.

During the period 2005 to 2008, Aker Kvaerner will remove nearly 85,000 tons of steel from the Frigg Field, almost 20,000 tons of which will be taken to Shetland for dismantling and the rest will be taken onshore at Stord. All the steel will be recycled.

In addition to the steel topsides on the TCP2 platform, DP1 and the entire drilling platform DP2 on the Norwegian sector, the contract includes all the living quarters and the steel topsides on the TP1, MCP-01 and CDP1 platforms in the UK sector.

The large crane vessel "Saipem 7000" will play an important role during the heaviest lifting operations on the Frigg Field.

The Frigg Field, which is located 230 kilometers North West of Stavanger, has been in operation for 27 years - from September 1977 till this autumn. The Frigg gas has been exported via pipelines to Scotland.