Adair Exploration Files Lawsuit Against Occidental

John W. Adair, Chairman and CEO of Adair International Oil & Gas, Inc., announced today, October 11, 2001, that Adair's wholly owned subsidiaries, Adair Exploration, Inc. ("AEI") and Adair Yemen Exploration, Limited ("AYEL") filed a lawsuit this week in a Texas State District Court in Houston, Texas against Occidental Oil and Gas Corporation ("Occidental"), and several former employees: Richard G. Boyce, Gene L. Ackerman, and David C. Crandall. The lawsuit alleges that breaches of fiduciary duties and usurpation of corporate opportunities as well as other civil wrongs were committed by the former employees. Additionally, Occidental allegedly conspired with them to harm AEI and AYEL.

The former employees were involved in AYEL's participation in an extremely valuable oil and gas concession known as Block 20 in the Republic of Yemen, consisting of the right and obligation to explore and develop oil and gas in some 500,000 acres. The concession has the potential for discovery and production of hundreds of millions of barrels of oil. A different Occidental subsidiary has initiated an arbitration in Paris, France regarding Block 20.

The lawsuit alleges that the former employees attempted to take advantage of opportunities for their own benefit in Yemen instead of for the benefit of the company as they should have been doing. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Occidental and some of the former employees interfered with AYEL's and AEI's business relationships with its contractors and employees.

The lawsuit claims damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Adair stated that the company is firmly committed to taking any legal action necessary to protect the company and its subsidiaries from those who wish to do the company and its subsidiaries financial harm.