Petrobras Licenses Drillworks Expert Software

Knowledge Systems announces that Petrobras has licensed the Drillworks Expert Suite for advanced geopressure analysis to help prevent costly drilling trouble and improve exploration and well construction success.

"Petrobras is very happy to utilize Knowledge Systems' Drillworks Expert solution. The Expert suite gives us a complete geopressure and geomechanics solution to perform predrill, real time, and post drill analysis to improve our exploration and drilling programs in Brazil and worldwide. We are using Expert's Drillworks Basin technology to bring together seismic, drilling, and geologic data and predict geopressures at the basin scale. This allows us to focus us on multiple target locations in the field, develop more accurate predictions, and improve our well construction operations." Dr. Luiz Rocha, Senior Drilling Advisor, Petrobras.

"Petrobras is consistently recognized as an operator that stays on the leading edge of technology in the Oil & Gas industry. We are pleased that Drillworks has been selected as a part of the Petrobras solutions portfolio." James Webster COO

Petrobras has been a customer of Knowledge Systems for more than three years and licensed the new Drillworks Expert solution that brings industry leading geopressure analysis, 3D visualization and analysis, seismic velocity correction, seal integrity and compartment analysis, and wellbore stability analysis. Petrobras is using Drillworks Expert to predict geopressures at the basin scale, providing area wide views of the subsurface geopressure environment across the field.

Drillworks Expert is the next generation in geopressure analysis that brings together and improves existing seismic and log based analysis, adds geology, and brings geopressure prediction to the basin scale. Using their individual well analyses and adding geologic data, Petrobras is building geopressure models of areas at the basin scale that consider advanced geopressure mechanisms and then using the models to quickly and more accurately forecast geopressures for new locations in the basins.

Drillworks Expert will allow Petrobras to implement Knowledge-Based Drilling throughout a well construction operation from prospect evaluation to real time analysis to improve drilling success. Knowledge-Based Drilling with Drillworks Expert makes it possible to drill wells more safely at a reduced cost by transforming the vast amount of seismic, drilling and geologic data that is available from drilling operations today into knowledge. Knowledge about geopressures and geomechanics, both while planning and drilling a well has been well established by industry experts as the most important factor in drilling a well safely and minimizing expensive non-productive time (NPT). Blow-outs and lost wells, "kicks", stuck pipe, unneeded casing strings or liners, and lost circulation are all problems. Drillworks Expert can help operators reduce this trouble time and drill deeper, faster, and safer. Knowledge-Based Drilling with Drillworks Expert also allows Petrobras to focus on both the individual well and field, allowing them to capture knowledge, lower costs, and improve drilling efficiency when drilling multiple wells in a field. Drillworks Expert can thus significantly impact an operator's profitability while ensuring personnel and environmental safety.