Duffy & McGovern Assists US Hurricane Relief Effort

Duffy & McGovern has been drafted to provide temporary accommodation to house workers clearing up the aftermath of the hurricanes which battered Florida in recent months.

Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne, which struck during August and September, have prompted one of the largest relief efforts ever undertaken in the US with around ten thousand relief workers working across 15 states.

Four Duffy & McGovern eight-man sleeper units were provided at short notice from the company's base in New Orleans to house Shaw Energy Delivery Services Inc (Shaw EDS) employees working in Fort Pierce, Florida, on the restoration of utility services in the area. Shaw EDS has deployed 210 linemen in Florida to install and reconnect electric cables after the recent hurricanes.

Vice President of US Operations for Duffy and McGovern, Glenn Aguilar, said: "Although designed for the oil and gas industry and offshore conditions, our units can be deployed on land and provide a high standard of accommodation for a number of purposes. We are pleased that relief workers in Florida have been able to enjoy some level of comfort while carrying out their tremendous repair work following the devastating hurricanes in the area.

"Our sympathies go out to the people of Florida and we hope that they will shortly be able to return to their normal family lives and that the widespread damage can be quickly repaired."

The accommodation units were drawn from Duffy & McGovern's brand new fleet of US cabins which were built as part of a $2 million fleet expansion programme earlier in the year. It is anticipated that the units will remain on hire to Shaw EDS for approximately three months while relief efforts continue in the state.