HyperDynamics to Host Prime Geosciene’s PrimeView Software

HyperDynamics Corporation has reached an agreement with Prime Geoscience Corporation to host their PrimeView(TM) seismic classification and volume visualization software from HyperDynamics' data center in Houston.

Prime Geoscience Corp. offers innovative technology to quickly visualize potential hydrocarbon reservoirs buried in a 3D cube of seismic data. Its flagship software, PrimeView(TM), uses full 32-bit seismic data in a multi-attribute classification process to reveal high-resolution detail of a prospect within minutes of data loading. Such detail is lost when the data is reduced to 8-bits as is the case with most conventional software systems. The final graphic presentation can then be rotated or tilted to observe geo-phenomena favorable to oil and gas accumulation. Explorationists can then concentrate on only the most likely areas and zones for hydrocarbon development. This saves time and effort while increasing success rates. Furthermore, PrimeView(TM) does not require prior horizon interpretation to map the structure and stratigraphy. The software is flexible in accepting data via the OpenSpirit interface with inputs of SEGY, Geoquest or Landmark data formats.

Aftab Alam, founder and CEO of Prime Geoscience, said, "The capabilities of HyperDynamics' data center will enable customers in remote offices equipped with a simple PC system and a high-speed line to interactively visualize and map prospects without the expense of maintaining expensive server hardware or the IT personnel to support the system. Over the next year, we expect to have up to 1,000 users accessing the PrimeView(TM) system hosted by HyperDynamics."

Harry Briers, CIO of HyperDynamics Corp., said, "PrimeView(TM) is the perfect example of a software application that fits the industry based ASP strategy of our business. The initial cash outlay to operate and maintain a program like PrimeView(TM) can be substantial. However, when hosted, our analysis indicates that customers will save at least 75% on average over purchasing the software and related systems. In fact, HyperDynamics soon will be offering with Prime Geoscience a free trial of the hosted PrimeView(TM) application.