DNV Opens New Laboratory in Bergen

There is an increasing need to test and try out the equipment used in maritime environments worldwide. To satisfy this demand and, in particular, to meet the oil and gas industry's safety and environmental requirements, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) opened a new laboratory in Bergen.

DNV's customers are global companies. The new laboratory will be able to utilise the expertise and experience developed on the Norwegian continental shelf and further develop this in competition with international players. DNV's CEO, Miklos Konkoly-Thege, said at the opening of the laboratory that Bergen's position in the international oil and gas industry, its proximity to the Norwegian continental shelf and the old laboratory's history and traditions were the determining factors for the expansion in Bergen.

The new laboratory will be one of the largest – not only in Norwegian terms but also in a global sense. This will thus further improve both Bergen's materials technology environment and the industry's opportunity to carry out reliable testing using the best available equipment.

Through the laboratory's access to both seawater and fresh water and to new, modern equipment for creating such things as water flows, pressures and temperatures in various combinations and tensile forces, the qualification and verification of both newly developed and existing technology will be carried out.

Specific examples will be the development and qualification of fibre ropes for use as mooring systems in deep waters, the development of new coating systems for corrosion protection, the use of new steel qualities in well environments and the development of new sacrificial anode materials.

The new laboratory will carry on well-established traditions of material technology testing in Bergen. The first laboratory – Bergen's municipal material testing institution – was opened as long ago as in 1918. During its long, eventful history, this laboratory was merged with DNV's then laboratory in 1972.

Bergen's mayor, Herman Friele, carried out the official opening. In his speech, he emphasised the new laboratory's importance to Bergen, the city's oil and gas industry, the city's position in international industry and the laboratory's history.

"I'm convinced many people will be able to benefit from this new laboratory and that it will considerably strengthen the professional environment in the city and the safety on the Norwegian continental shelf as well as providing a significant contribution to the global scenario," commented Friele.

The laboratory now opened is a completely new laboratory linked to existing laboratories at Laksevåg in Bergen. The total new floor space – including all facilities – is almost 1,100 sq m. The extension particularly contains new space for a laboratory for testing corrosion, paint and various coatings to protect materials.