CGG Wins 3D Survey Work from Occidental & Qatar Petroleum

CGG has been selected to process two leading-edge multi-component (3D/4C) OBC surveys for Occidental Petroleum of Qatar and Qatar Petroleum over the Idd el Shargi field in Qatar.

The Idd el Shargi field consists of two highly fractured carbonate reservoirs, which have been in production for decades. The field has been targeted for a multi-component seismic study, due to the need to enhance understanding of the reservoir and fracture network for further development planning.

The two studies, which cover both the North and South areas of the field, are designed exclusively for multi-component and wide-azimuth acquisition. CGG was selected in competitive bidding, for its azimuth-friendly algorithms to improve the information that can be retained from the amplitude variations with azimuth. The VectorVistaTM suite of tools will be used in the processing of both the PP (conventional) and PS (converted wave) data to optimize results of the converted wave processing. This, coupled with CGG's A+TM suite of software for anisotropy, is expected to provide data that will significantly improve Occidental's understanding of the highly complex fracture network at Idd el Shargi.

Once processed, further work will be conducted on the data by the Oxy and Qatar Petroleum teams - combining both PP and PS fracture and anisotropy related attributes in order to complete the characterization study and enhance the overall understanding of the reservoir.

Acquisition of the surveys started in December 2003 and was completed in May 2004. The processing sequence is anticipated to take between 12 to 12.5 months after CGG received the final field tapes and is expected to yield new insights into the characteristics of the reservoir and aid in future development work.