Tri-Valley Inks Deal With U.K. Firm

Tri-Valley Corporation has formed an alliance with Resource & Technology (U.K.) Limited, a private firm headquartered in London. Specializing in identifying and structuring projects for expanding firms in a variety of international venues, Resource & Technology (U.K.) Limited will screen oil, gas and mineral exploration and production opportunities outside the United States as Tri-Valley looks to expand its operations and grow the company in this time of mounting global demand against generally declining oil and gas supply.

With a 42-year track record as a successful exploration and operating company, Tri-Valley Corporation is number 118 on this year's Oil & Gas Journal's annual list of the top 200 U.S. petroleum companies, a gain of 279 places since first appearing on the then top 400 list 22 years ago. The Company is also recognized as the sixth fastest growing U.S. petroleum company on the Oil & Gas Journal's list.

Tri-Valley Corporation is presently conducting an up to $100 million aggressive exploration program centered mostly around its headquarters city of Bakersfield, California, a region whose daily oil production equals some 40% of the daily production of the entire State of Texas. It also has exploration prospects in Nevada.

"In anticipation of one or more of our big exploration targets successfully materializing soon, we are starting now to position Tri-Valley for continued expansion opportunity. Resource & Technology (U.K.) Limited comes highly recommended as an excellent and very well connected firm in many international industry and government sectors which can help to facilitate our aim of growing our Company," said F. Lynn Blystone, president and chief executive officer.