TGS-NOPEC Expands Gulf of Mexico Multi-Client 3D Project

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company has secured additional client pre-funding and will expand again its ongoing Gulf of Mexico multi-client 3D seismic survey referred to as Deep Resolve. Located in the heart of the deep gas exploration trend, the enlarged project will now cover over 350 OCS blocks (7400 square kilometers) in the Ship Shoal, South Timbalier, Grand Isle and Ewing Bank areas of offshore Louisiana.

When initiated in October 2003, the Deep Resolve survey totaled 200 OCS blocks. Deep Resolve is being recorded with a combination of long offset (9000 meters) multi-pass streamer and ocean bottom cable technology.

Preliminary results from pre-stack Kirchoff time migration processing and long offset acquisition have demonstrated significantly improved resolution of seismic events in both the Miocene-aged deep gas trend and the shallower, more traditionally explored Plio-Pliestocene aged geology.

Additionally, TGS has secured pre-funding for and commenced pre-stack depth migration processing of the Deep Resolve survey utilizing TGS Imaging's latest wave equation depth imaging techniques. Just as the Deep Resolve survey initiated a renaissance of long offset regional seismic exploration in Louisiana, the depth processing of Deep Resolve signals the dawn of a new era of regional depth imaging on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf.