BMB Munai Completes Workover in Aksaz Field

BMB Munai reports the results of a workover of the Aksaz-1 well in the Company's Aksaz oil and gas field in Kazakhstan. The Aksaz-1 well was drilled and tested in 1994. Further work on the well was then suspended until 2004. The Company recently completed a successful workover (re-entry) of the well.

The workover included making perforations at intervals between 4269-4273 meters, 4261-4265 meters, 4256-4257 meters, and 4248-4253 meters. The well was opened, resulting in a strong gas flow with associated condensate. In view of the extremely high pressure encountered, the flow test was discontinued after three hours. After shutting in the well the tubing head pressure and casing (annulus) pressure were 270 and 225 atmospheres, respectively. For safety purposes, the Company has decided to leave the well shut-in until gas test facilities are installed at the well site.