Yolla 3 Production Testing Completed

Origin Energy Resources reports that production testing of sandstone reservoirs within the Eastern View Coal Measures (EVCM) on the Yolla 3 development well had been completed.

The flow rates recorded at the end of each production test phase were:

Zone Interval (mMD) Flow Test Results
Upper EVCM
Gas and Oil Zone
2210.2 – 2225.2 16.7 million cubic feet per day (MMscfd) of gas + 825 barrels of oil and condensate per day at 1745 psi on a 48/64" choke.
Upper Intra-EVCM
Gas Zone
3180.0 – 3186.0 and
3190.0 – 3196.0
16.4 MMscfd of gas + 450 barrels of condensate per day (bcpd) at 2221 psi on a 40/64" choke.
Mid Intra-EVCM
Gas Zone
3236.5 – 3242.5 and
3246.5 – 3248.5
17.6 MMscfd of gas + 525 bcpd at 3003 psi on a 36/64" choke.
Lower Intra-EVCM
Gas Zone
3404.0 – 3407.0 7.0 MMscfd of gas + 83 bcpd at 685 psi on a 48/64" choke.


  1. Gas flow rates were controlled to remain within the constraints of the rig's test equipment and to provide suitable conditions for sampling, and do not reflect maximum zone deliverability.
  2. Condensate rates reported above are from the temporary rig separator which was operating at elevated temperature and pressure. Actual condensate content of the gas, and condensate yield during production, will be higher than this level.

The results from the Intra-EVCM zones are in line with expectation, and consistent with those observed in the original wells, Yolla 1 and Yolla 2.

The Upper-EVCM gas and oil zone was not included in the development plans for Yolla, but one objective of the Yolla 3 well was to provide further evaluation of this zone. Core and log data show a 10 meter gas column overlying an 8 to 10 meter oil column. The production test was conducted in the gas column, plus 1 meter into the oil column. As a result the Joint Venture has agreed to include the Upper-EVCM zone in the Yolla 3 well completion to allow for further evaluation and possible future long term production from this liquids rich interval.

The rig is being readied to mobilize to drill the Trefoil-1 exploration well, approximately 40 kilometers west of the Yolla "A" platform for the T/18P Joint Venture.

Participants in T/L1 are Origin Energy Resources as operator with 32.5%; Origin Energy Northwest with 5%; AWE with 30%; CalEnergy Gas with 20% and Wandoo Petroleum with 12.5%.