Focus on World Class Drilling Performance in Aberdeen

How does an oil company manage to dramatically reduce its oil well drilling time by a resounding 94%? A remarkable feat of chance or dedicated management principles?

One of the world's leading independent oil and gas companies, Unocal has achieved remarkable drilling time reduction success. From taking almost 70 days to drill an 11,700ft well in the 80s, and reducing this to nine days in the 90s, Unocal continues to set world-class benchmarks of performance with an objective of reducing even further their current time of just over four days.

Kimberly McHugh, Unocal's Global Drilling and Completions Benchmarking Coordinator based in Houston will be one of the key-note speakers at the third annual meeting for Best Practices in Benchmarking of Drilling and Completions Performance hosted by RushmoreReviews in Aberdeen. During the two-day event, Kimberly will reveal details of the "no boundaries" approach that has enabled Unocal to achieve this performance improvement in Thailand.

Kimberley said; "Our management philosophy is one which encourages staff to push the envelope, and this allows us to achieve successes such as these. I am looking forward to sharing our experiences in Thailand at the Benchmarking Best Practices meeting and building upon the international networking contacts that I made at last year's event, which is one of its key benefits."

Following on from the success of last year's program it is expected that up to 100 delegates will attend the event in November from the 150 worldwide oil companies that participate in the RushmoreReviews benchmarking studies. The first day will feature presentations exploring the impact that benchmarking their drilling and completions performance has had on the international operations of oil companies such as BP, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips and Talisman.

Day two will provide delegates with an opportunity to discuss the future needs of benchmarking drilling and completions with leading commentary from Kent Springer, California-based Manager of Drilling Engineering for ChevronTexaco International and Brad Muir, Calgary-based General Manager of International Drilling and Completions for Nexen.

Well-known industry figure, Phil Scott, will be traveling from his base in Perth, Australia to review advances in the Technical Limit approach to drilling performance improvement and its links to benchmarking. Phil, whilst Drilling Manager with Woodside Petroleum in Perth, was a pioneer of this technique which has since swept the industry and has become a worldwide success.

Phil said "It's great to be a part of this gathering of operators. This event will help all of us improve our performance through sharing data about performance achievements as well as the tools and techniques that have been used to achieve these results. There is no doubt that any oil company serious about improving their drilling and completions performance cannot afford to ignore this kind of opportunity".

Helen Rushmore, Director of the RushmoreReviews, is excited about the increasing determination of oil companies to benchmark their performance and to use this as a key element in their efforts to learn from others.

Helen commented "It is in the clear interest of all of us; oil companies, service companies and consumers, that best practices are employed by all to find and produce oil and gas as cost effectively, efficiently and safely as possible. We are very much looking forward to welcoming our industry peers from Africa, the Americas, Australasia as well as Europe and sharing with them this unique resource on the drilling performance of some 20,000 wells extending back over a decade".