Duffy & McGovern Wins Two Contracts In the Gulf of Mexico

Duffy and McGovern Accommodation Services has been awarded two contracts with CalDive International and Noble Drilling to provide offshore workers with state-of-the-art accommodation in the Gulf of Mexico.

CalDive International is working with DMAS to provide a variety of accommodation for workers on the Q4000 vessel, which is servicing BP during the commissioning phase of the Mad Dog platform. DMAS will supply two eight-person modules, four office modules, two recreation units, one laundry facility, a sewage treatment plant and power distribution racks. DMAS will also be responsible for the offshore installation and hook-up of all equipment for the contract which is worth in the region of US$ 100,000 (£56,000).

The A60 units comply with the new fire-test-procedure (FTP) code requirements, are ABS and U.S. Coast Guard approved and feature integrated fire detection, full ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The modules also benefit from en-suite bathrooms and are luxury outfitted to PLQ (permanent living quarters) standards.

DMAS remains the only rental module provider to offer fully compliant SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and IMO (International Maritime Organisation) living quarters in the Gulf of Mexico region.

"This marks our first project with CalDive and shows the versatility and wide variety of accommodation Duffy and McGovern can provide," said Glenn Aguilar, Duffy and McGovern VP of US operations. "CalDive selected DMAS on the basis of the exceptional safety and comfort of our accommodation and we hope our relationship with the company will continue to develop well into the future."

The second contract sees DMAS accommodating workers on Noble Drilling's Noble Sam Noble jack-up rig, working for PEMEX, drilling in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico. DMAS will supply one eight-person module to supplement existing living quarters on the rig in a deal worth approximately $40,000 (£23,000).

Both contracts are being serviced through Duffy and McGovern's $2m fleet expansion program in the US which was announced in early 2004. This new fleet is being developed in response to the change in regulatory requirements which is fuelling the demand for DMAS accommodation in the Gulf of Mexico.