Phase 2 Funding Deadline Extended for MacKenzie Gas Project

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board report that the application deadline for Phase 2 of the Participant Funding Program has been extended for the review of the environmental assessment of the Mackenzie Gas Project.

In August, the Agency and the Board provided up to $380,000 for Phase 2 funding for the review of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that was expected to be filed this past summer by the Mackenzie Gas Producers. The funding will help the public prepare for and participate in technical conferences and/or provide technical analysis to the joint review panel on the adequacy of the EIS. The EIS is a report that describes the potential impacts of the Mackenzie Gas Project. The companies proposing the project are required to prepare the EIS and submit it to the joint review panel.

Applications for Phase 2 funding must be received no later than 21 days after the date the EIS is submitted to the joint review panel by the Mackenzie Gas Producers. A notice of the availability of the EIS will be posted on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry at . Follow the direct link on the home page of the Agency's Web site. Funding for Phase 3, which will provide for participation in the public hearing of the joint review process, will be announced at a future date.

A funding review committee will consider applications and recommend allocation of funds according to criteria set out in the Participant Funding Guidelines for the Mackenzie Gas Project. The funding review committee membership will consist of northerners and others who have had considerable experience with northern-based project assessments and reviews.