Drilling Operations Commence at Shanol Field in Iran

The first well has been drilled in Shanol gas field, south of Fars Province, to mark the starting point of new development on the field.

Head of Drilling Department of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) stated Monday that the operation by the Chinese company GWDC took 115 days to be completed, costing over $5 million.

The process included 91 days of drilling and 24 days of mast overhauling and in situ abnormal pressure control, he said. "Altogether, ten wells should be drilled in the field." Since the beginning of the operations, four wells have been drilled in the field.

Abnormal pressure removal saved $300,000 in operating costs, he stressed, saying that they have also saved $1.5 million by eliminating a casing from well No. 2 of Homa gas field.

NIOC manager also stated that they could bring about a maximum of 13 million cubic meters of gas from six active wells of Shanol, Homa and Ravi fields. All three fields are located in southern parts of Fars Province. NICOC aims at obtaining a total output of 37.5 million cubic meters of gas on completion of operations on these fields.