Landmark Graphics Teams Up with Edinburgh Petroleum Services

Landmark Graphics has formed a strategic business alliance with Edinburgh Petroleum Services (EPS) to integrate advanced network optimization, nodal analysis, and material balancing technologies with Landmark's Engineer's Desktop™ and Real Time Surveillance™ technologies enabling petroleum engineers to quickly and accurately optimize well performance. While working from a common data source within a single suite of applications, users can access historical well information and up to the minute production data, which in turn may reduce cycle time from days to hours and also identify production losses early and implement corrective action in real time. By using Landmark's engineering technology, customers have seen an increase in uptime by three to five percent leading to a production increase of four to six percent. Linked with EPS ReO advanced network modeling and optimization technology, operators can further maximize the value of the hydrocarbons from new and mature fields.

"In today's highly competitive environment, operational efficiency and technology are the key factors in the success of the E&P industry," said Peter Bernard, president, Landmark. "The unique combination of Landmark and EPS solutions brings our customers unrivaled performance benefits, further reducing their operating costs. This alliance between the two companies makes a significant contribution to our customers' business and financial performance."

To deliver a high quality and rich engineering experience, the two companies are jointly developing a common user environment and data source for each tool through Desktop Navigator™ and The Engineer's Data Model™. This powerful, user friendly, combination of technologies provides the entire asset team a single window into optimization from the reservoir to the production facilities delivery point.

"EPS' experience in providing production optimization software and services to the E&P industry, coupled with Landmark's drilling and production solutions, enables operators to manage the entire asset as one system, optimizing the value contribution of the hydrocarbons as it moves from the reservoir and delivered to the sales point, driving field performance." said Laurence Ormerod, Managing Director, Edinburgh Petroleum Services. "Users are able to access an integrated suite of applications for production optimization from the well bore to the processing delivery point, while supporting well design, drilling operations, material balance determinations, gas lift design, network optimization, and production surveillance."

EPS provides 'best-in-class' petroleum engineering software, IT integration skills, petroleum engineering services and training to achieve breakthroughs in performance and increased value in upstream oil and gas assets.