Oilexco Re-commences UK North Sea Appraisal Drilling Program

Oilexco reports that the second phase of its 100% owned "Brenda" appraisal drilling program located in Block 15/25 in the Outer Moray Firth area of the UK North Sea, has re-commenced after a two month suspension. Drilling operations utilizing the Transocean mid-water semi-submersible John Shaw started yesterday on 15/25e-11, Oilexco's fifth (the seventh appraisal bore-hole inclusive of sidetracks) appraisal well at the "Brenda" oil find. The first four appraisal wells; 15/25b-6, 15/25b-8, 15/25b-9 and 15/25b-10, and two sidetrack bore holes; 15/25b-9Z, and 15/25b-9Y at "Brenda", appraised an undeveloped discovery made in 1990 at 15/25b-3. The bottom-hole location of 15/25e-11 is located 1.5 kilometers northwest of 15/25b-10, Oilexco's last "Brenda" appraisal well which flow tested 3,351 bbl/d of 40 degree oil from the Paleocene Forties sand during production testing operations in July.

The 15/25b-11 well-bore is the first of three penetrations or a "well cluster" to be drilled from a central location. It will be immediately followed by 15/25e-11Z, located 1.25 kilometers west of the 15/25e-11 bottom-hole location, and 15/25e-11Y located 1.0 kilometer northwest of the 15/25e-11 bottom-hole location. Testing operations will only be conducted on the third or last well penetration, 15/25e-11Y. The first two well penetrations 15/25e-11 and 15/25e-11Z will be drilled as "slim holes, but will allow for appropriate evaluation for reserve purposes. Operations on the 15/25e-11 well cluster are expected to span 45 days. Upon completion of these operations, appraisal operations will continue on an additional 3 well cluster northwest of the 15/25e-11 cluster.