First Production Sikorsky S-92 Heads to Work

The first production Sikorsky S-92 helicopter is expected this weekend at its new home base in Lafayette, La., where it will open up a new age of offshore service on the Gulf of Mexico with Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.

"The S-92 is a revolutionary aircraft, the most technologically advanced and safest helicopter in the world. We are pleased with the S-92 because of its advanced safety features, range, payload, cabin size and cost effectiveness," said Al A. Gonsoulin, chairman, president and CEO of PHI.

A second S-92 for PHI is nearing delivery early next month. S-92 completion will increase through the end of 2004, with decreasing intervals between deliveries. The plan is to deliver 18 aircraft in 2005. Sikorsky has orders, including options, for 60 S-92 helicopters.

"We are delivering this aircraft to a high-usage customer that will be flying the aircraft in demanding offshore missions in the Gulf of Mexico," said Sikorsky President Steve Finger. "Under these conditions, this S-92, and the one we deliver in a few weeks, will build up flight hours of operation at an incredible rate."

Sikorsky has been selected by the Government of Canada to provide 28 H-92 maritime helicopters, military derivatives of the S-92. Sikorsky is also offering a version of the H-92 in the competition for the next-generation helicopter to serve the White House mission.
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