Surgutneftegas Commissions New Oil Fields

By now 36 wells of Yukyaunskoe oil field produce over 500 tons of oil a day, cumulative oil production amounts to 61 thousand tons. The Company is to drill another 23 production wells by the end of 2004.

Yukyaunskoe field ranks average in terms of recoverable oil reserves, which exceed 40 mn tons of hydrocarbons.

Till the end of this year the Company is planning to start pilot commercial development of yet another two oil fields: Severo-Labatyuganskoe and Larkinskoe. There are four wells drilled to date at Severo-Labatyuganskoe and Larkinskoe fields, which are scheduled for commissioning in October.

Total recoverable C1 reserves of the two fields to be commissioned reach 27 mn tons.

During the last year, the Company commissioned four fields: Ulyanovskoe, Tretyakovskoe, Zapadno-Chigorinskoe and Severo-Seliyarovskoe. Recoverable reserves of these fields amount to more than 20 mn tons of oil. Output of the production wells at these fields topped 200 thousand tons of oil to date.