Woodside Updates Mauritania Drilling Program

Woodside reports the following activity offshore Mauritania.


The West Navigator temporarily suspended the Dorade-1 exploration well in PSC-C2 after finishing drilling the top hole section and setting casing to a depth of 2,347 meters. The bottom hole section, containing the primary interval in the well, is expected to be drilled later by the Stena Tay..


The Capitaine-1 exploration well was spudded on September 16, 2004 in 1,681 meters of water, but encountered operational problems. As a result, the top hole was abandoned and the West Navigator moved off location on September 19, 2004. The well will be re-drilled in the near future.

The West Navigator commenced drilling the top hole section of the Tevét-1 exploration well in 489 meters of water on September 20, 2004. The rig is currently drilling ahead in 17-1/2 inch hole at a depth of 633 meters.

The second rig to be used in the current Mauritania offshore drilling campaign, the Stena Tay, arrived offshore Mauritania on September 14, 2004 and spudded the Chinguetti-8 development well on September 15, 2004. Woodside does not plan to issue further announcements regarding drilling operations on Chinguetti production wells, but will make additional announcements if required to comply with its continuous disclosure obligations under the ASX Listing Rules.

The locations of the Chinguetti Oil Field, the Tiof and Banda discoveries and exploration wells to be drilled early in the 2004-05 drilling campaign are shown on the attached map. Wells are expected to be drilled in three production sharing contract areas during the campaign.