UK DTI Favors Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances with GAIL

The emerging opportunities for promoting gas sector joint ventures and strategic alliances were the areas of focused discussion in London, during the recent meeting of Mr. Proshanto Banerjee, Chairman and Managing Director, GAIL (India) Limited with Mr. Michael O' Brien, Minister for Energy and Information Technology, UK. The meeting was also attended by officials from DTI and also the First Secretary from the High Commission of India in London.

GAIL has offered to share its expertise in cross-country pipeline operations with UK-based companies for major gas pipeline projects in various countries as well as its expertise in retail gas distribution and compressed natural gas while the UK-based companies could tap the significant business opportunities in manufacturing and commercialization of gas-based appliances in India, retail gas distribution projects and gas metering and other related services. Extending all cooperation from the government and industry, Mr. O' Brien assured that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) would be encouraged to strengthen close ties between GAIL and certain British companies.

In a separate presentation made to the members of the Society of British Gas Industry (SBGI) and attended by a large cross section of British companies representing E&P, equipment manufactures, service providers and consultancy companies, Mr. Banerjee emphasized the importance of developing a two-way business relationship between Indian and British gas sector companies for which a memorandum of understanding between GAIL and the Society of British Gas Industry (SBGI) would be developed. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) would be the nodal agency for taking various initiatives forward.