Callon Petroleum Reports Impact of Hurricane Ivan

Callon Petroleum reports the impact of Hurricane Ivan upon its major production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Medusa Field - A platform work-over rig that incurred damage will have to be removed from the Medusa SPAR production facility. Production downtime at the Medusa Field, located in Mississippi Canyon Blocks 538 and 582, could be as much as five weeks. The Medusa SPAR production facility incurred minor damage that will also be repaired during that time. Callon owns a 15% working interest and Murphy Oil Corporation is the operator.

Mobile Bay Area - Production facilities at Mobile Blocks 864, 952, 953 and 955 incurred minor damage. It is anticipated that a majority of the Mobile area production will be online within the next week. Callon owns a 66.4% working interest in the Mobile Block 864 Unit and a 100% working interest in Mobile Blocks 952, 953 and 955.