Enterprise to Drill Offshore Ireland in 2002

Enterprise Energy Ireland is scheduled to begin drilling off the coast of Donegal in the spring of 2002. Almost £7m is being invested by Enterprise Energy Ireland in the well which is 100 miles off the North West coast.

Spokeswoman for the Dublin based company Rosemary Stein said they hoped to be on site at the proposed field, which is being called Dooish, in March. "It is in 4,757 feet of water, making it one of the deepest wells ever drilled off the Irish coast," she said. "By starting early in the summer season we are hoping to have a good 'drilling window' which will allow us to use the best of the summer weather." The company will be on site for 42 days using a Norwegian deep water drill ship which does away with the need for a fixed platform oil well.

Earlier attempts to locate oil off the Donegal coast, although not in the same area, were not successful. But Enterprise Energy Ireland will use information on the geology of the area gathered on that occasion.