Diamond Offshore Semisub Goes Adrift During Hurricane Ivan

Diamond Offshore reports that the semisubmersible drilling rig Ocean Star drifted from its moored location in the Gulf of Mexico at approximately 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 15. However, a visual inspection of the unit by fixed-wing aircraft earlier today has confirmed the Ocean Star is afloat with no apparent damage.

A visual inspection by aircraft of four additional Diamond Offshore rigs operating in the path of hurricane Ivan also indicated no apparent damage or pollution. All of the well operations being conducted by the rigs situated directly in the path of the storm had been secured and personnel evacuated in accordance with normal operating and safety practices prior to hurricane Ivan passing through the area.

The Ocean Star, which is being monitored via a satellite tracking mechanism, is currently situated approximately 12 miles from its pre-storm location, which was in 2,423 ft. of water in the Viosca Knoll area. The Company has notified and is cooperating with all appropriate regulatory authorities. The Company has initiated actions to re-board the Ocean Star in order to restore power and further assess its condition prior to moving the rig back to its operating location.

All of the Company-owned rigs in the Gulf of Mexico that were evacuated prior to the storm will be re-boarded as soon as practicable in order to recommence normal operations.