Shell Awarded 8 Blocks in UK 22nd Licensing Round

Shell reported Thursday that the U.K. Government has awarded Shell two licenses in the 22nd offshore licensing round in the U.K. Continental Shelf.

Both licenses are in the deep water Atlantic area West of Shetland and comprise a total of eight blocks. One is a new 'Frontier' license with BP as partner and the other a Traditional license with BP, ChevronTexaco and Faroe Petroleum as partners. Shell will be operator in both cases.

Kieron McFadyen, Technical Director of Shell Exploration & Production in Europe said: " We believe the Atlantic margin West of Shetland is an area of potential."

Rien Herber, Exploration Director of Shell Exploration and Production in Europe, said: "The complex geology, deep water and difficult sea and weather conditions make the Atlantic margin a challenging area to develop and operate."

The award of these operatorships comes three months after the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy awarded Shell two operatorships and two partnerships in the 18th offshore licensing round on the Norwegian continental shelf. Again, this is a deep-water area where Shell can harness world-class expertise.

A full list of the licenses awarded to Shell in the round is as follows:

Shell U.K. Limited Partner: BP Exploration 213/18, 213/19, 213/20 (Part), 213/24, 214/11, 214/16 (Part) & 214/17. Shell U.K. Limited Partners: BP Exploration, ChevronTexaco, Faroe Petroleum 213/20 (Part), 213/25c & 214/16 (Part).