Sequoia has Independent Tests Performed on DiamondFlo

Sequoia Interests, developer of a new proprietary enhanced oil recovery chemical formulation, announced the University of Houston's NMR Spectroscopy Department, managed by Dr. Charles Anderson, will soon complete initial studies of the DiamondFlo(TM) polymer. The Company's independent Lab, Efird Corrosion International Inc., will receive the results within several weeks at which time Sequoia Interests will begin the patent application process.

About NMR Spectroscopy

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy is a powerful and complex analytical tool. NMR Spectroscopy performs experiments on the nuclei of atoms. The chemical environment of specific nuclei is deduced from information obtained about the nuclei.

Mr. John King, CEO of Sequoia Interests, stated, "The upcoming completion of studies at the University of Houston effectively comes at a very opportunistic time for the Company. With recent positive results of lab tests on Canadian Tar Sands, the ability to begin the patent process for DiamondFlo(TM) has never been more important. Expectations to begin commercialization of DiamondFlo(TM) by the first of next year becomes very possible. The Company is very excited by these prospects."