EPL Shuts in Eastern & Central Gulf of Mexico Production

Energy Partners, Ltd. says that by noon today, September 14, the Company will have shut in all of its production in the Central and Eastern Gulf of Mexico ahead of Hurricane Ivan. Production consists primarily of the East Bay field and the South Timbalier 26 field complex. All personnel in the Central and Eastern areas will have been evacuated by noon as well. All Company drilling operations in the Central and Eastern Gulf of Mexico were evacuated yesterday.

In the Western Gulf of Mexico, which for Company purposes is the Eugene Island area and westward, the situation is currently being monitored. All non-essential personnel in this area have been evacuated.

The production shut-in in the Central and Eastern areas, net to the Company's interest, is 7,800 barrels of oil and 45.0 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. On a barrels of oil equivalent basis, the shut in production is approximately 15,300 Boe per day.