Schlumberger Opens Technology Hub in Russia

Schlumberger Russia announced on the 7th of September, 2004, the opening of the Schlumberger Technology Hub located within the campus of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (GRSU).

The Technology Hub brings together skilled and recognized experts in the oil and gas industry to work on projects related to geological and geophysical exploration, field development, drilling, well logging, completions, and production optimization.

The experts will work to advise and assist in the design of optimal technological solutions and to find answers to the complex, multidisciplinary challenges that arise regularly in production, field development, and exploitation. They will also participate in the training and development of technical oil field experts and will engage GRSU students and professors in activities.

The opening ceremony was attended by GRSU Head Albert Vladimirov, OSC LUKOIL Chairman of the Board of Directors and OSC RITEK CEO Valeriy Greiffer, and Schlumberger Russia President Maurice Dijols, together with representatives from the scientific community and the major producing companies.

"This Technology Hub is unique," commented Vladimirov. "It is created on the premises of the country's leading specialized oil and gas educational establishments, it is staffed with recognized experts, and its potential customers are the major producing companies. This combination will, I'm sure, provide the best technical and technological solutions for the highly complicated challenges of the Russian Oil and Gas Industry."

The Technology Hub is one of several joint projects between Schlumberger Russia and the GRSU. Previously, the company and the University established the NExT series of refresher courses for oil and gas industry specialists in 2002. And recently, under a new agreement, Schlumberger began installing powerful workstations equipped with the latest Schlumberger state-of-the-art software in one of the University's newly renovated classrooms. This classroom will be a part of the new curriculum being offered.