Wyoming Honors Devon Energy for Stewardship

For the second time in three years, Devon Energy has been honored for environmental stewardship in eastern Wyoming's coalbed natural gas fields.

The Oklahoma City-based company has won the Wyoming Fish & Game Department's 2004 Industry Reclamation and Wildlife Stewardship Award for water management and habitat improvements in the Powder River Basin.

In an awards ceremony Saturday, the state cited Devon for accommodating the region's vast wildlife population as it carries out production operations in the Pine Tree area about 60 miles north of Casper.

"Devon Energy has done an outstanding job of accommodating wildlife interests in their coalbed methane development," said Bill Wichers, Wyoming Game & Fish Department deputy director. "Devon's work provides excellent examples of how energy development can be compatible with wildlife and their habitat."

Groundwater is a normal by-product of coalbed natural gas production, and Devon has managed the water in ways that benefit wildlife, landowners and the environment.

This year's award recognizes the company's use of groundwater to improve existing stock ponds and to create new ones. The work also has enhanced vegetation along normally dry draws and created numerous watering sites for wildlife as well as habitat for water birds and fish.

The award follows similar recognition in 2002, when the agency honored Devon with its Coalbed Methane Natural Resource Stewardship Award. The company minimized habitat disturbances and enriched land with ponds and lakes to serve landowners and improve animal habitat in the House Creek area of the Powder River Basin.

Devon's Western Division Vice President Don DeCarlo called the agency's award meaningful recognition for the company's daily efforts to be a good neighbor.

"This is just an example of what we do in every field we operate," DeCarlo said. "We're just stewards of the land where we work, and we treat the land as though it is our own."