Tap Oil Says Tawatawa-1 Drilling Ahead

The Tawatawa-1 well has drilled to the programmed intermediate depth of around 1,172 meters where the drilling program requires an intermediate wireline logging program and seismic checkshot survey to be conducted. Being only the second well in this area, this logging was planned to obtain more accurate information on the seismic interpreted depths prior to entering a possible high pressured zone.

Forward Program

The wireline logs and seismic checkshot information for this intermediate zone is expected to be available later today (WST). Following this, the well will continue drilling ahead as planned, and this is expected to take around 24 hours. Following this, an additional log run is likely to be conducted.

PEP 38333 Joint Venture Participants are Tap Oil as operator with 35%: Westech Energy with 50% and Claire Energy with 15%.